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“The IPL Science” - IPL : Intense Pulsed Light.
  • IPL uses specially selected wavelengths of light to penetrate the skin. The targeted area absorbs the light with minimal epidermal/dermal absorption. The light is then converted to hear, which destroys the vessel or lesion.
  • Effective, flexible, and safe form of laser technology.

How It Works

During the pulses, light energy is delivered to the skin. During the delays in between the pulses, the skin tissue is given a chance to cool down. This is called Multiple Synchronized Pulsing. With these breaks in between pulses, more energy can be safely delivered to the target area without any damage to the skin.

Our Results

  • Removes 80-100% of hair from a treated area.
  • All hair types can be treated, so long as the hair is darker than the skin.
  • 5 to 8 sessions are needed, and frequency depends on the location of the treatment.


-A single wavelength targets the problem area on the skin & is absorbed to destroy target.

-Wavelength heat & strength cannot be adjusted for individualized treatment.

-If not used properly, can cause slight burns or sensitivity to the skin.
  -Multiple wavelengths target multiple problem areas in the skin & are absorbed to destroy targets.

-Wavelength settings can be changed to suit each individual client’s skin type.

-Because of the customized settings per use, IPL offers minimal ocular hazard and side-effects.

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